Full-Service Aquatic Clearing, Maintenance, and Restoration

Algae and Weed Control

Aquatic algae, submerged floating plants, and weeds (Cattails, Hydrillas, Hyacinth, etc.) can disrupt the aquatic environment’s natural balance. We will go in and clear out everything that needs to be removed using our weed harvester and make sure we get your body of water healthier and looking better than ever.


Waterway Clearing


Having an obstructed waterway can be an issue, especially during storm season! This can include fallen trees, stumps, logs, invasive plants and weeds, etc. The routine repair and debris removal services we offer are essential to prevent flooding and other issues.

Muck Removal and Reconstruction

Poorly maintained lakes and ponds often develop sludge. Fish, birds, decaying plants, leaves, etc. contribute to unpleasant water conditions. These contributing factors charge down to the bottom layers of your body of water, creating unsightly conditions and causing horrible odors! With this service, we can remove the muck from your body of water. Our team can also make your body of water deeper through digging. You may rely on us for a reconstruction of your body of water as well.


Ditch Maintenance


Ditch maintenance can keep the roadways from deterioration caused by standing water seeping underneath. We have specialized equipment to remove sediment and debris out of your ditches as well as a full ditch reconstruction.

Reclaimed Water, Retention, and Perc Pond

Retention ponds are basins that catch runoff from higher elevations. For them to operate properly, you must keep them maintained. We are aware that they need to be kept up to code per government standards, and we will make sure to keep them maintained to avoid code violations.


Mowing and Mulching


Whether you need routine pond mowing maintenance or cleanup of your overgrown estate pond—we can get it cleaned up and looking beautiful again.